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Keeping a baby occupied during Covid

Staying busy in isolation is hard for all of us but is especially difficult for parents with babies. Here is a list of things that have helped us get through these strange times with a baby.

Keep yourself busy. If we are feeling antsy as parents, Ez will pick up on that and be fussy. Invest in self care for yourself to keep you mentally healthy.

Keep a routine. Routines are focused on doing things in a similar way. Routines are important for babies but they are always really helpful for us as parents. If we have an idea of the activities we are going to do with our baby, it takes away the stress of having to come up with ideas all day. Ezzys nap time routine as been such a blessing. We have finally gotten Ez to go down for 2 two hour (ish) naps a day. Knowing he will have these two napa a day helps us keep our sanity. This gives us the opportunity to have a break, clean up and be ourselves for a little bit. Having a sleep routine also helps Ez have a better night time sleep because he is no longer over tired for bedtime.

Get outside. Go for walks with your baby. In either a carrier or stroller. This way you can narrate the things you see around you. Walks Are a great way to pass by time And get you through the day. We always plan to walk with Ez in between his first and second nap, during his biggest wake window of the day. We allow him to wake up from his first nap, feed him lunch and take him outside. Being outside not only allows Ez to get some fresh air.. but it tires him out way faster than playing inside! We typically come back from our outside adventure and put him down for nap number 2.

Stay connected to family and friends. Use any type of video to connect and have your loved ones talk, sing, and read to your baby. Covid babies are easily overwhelmed and overstimulated. Their lives have been spent in isolation. Taking time to facetime family and friends allows your baby to interact with many different people and voices. They will start to recognize the voices through the screen.

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