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Must Have List - First Time Mum

Updated: Feb 10, 2021


Morrow + Mint Nursing Bras

As a young new Mum i was not going to let nursing my baby strip me of my cute bras. I lived in this bra while nursing Ez. Morrow + Mint have a bunch of different colours and designs for nursing mothers. They all have clips for easy access for you and your baby. Supportive, comfortable and CUTE!

Washable Breast Pads

These washable breast pads from Amazon saved me so many times. When my nipples were sore these pads are the most forgiving, softest breast pads. I used these washable pads during the day and Advent throw away pads for night time when I found I leaked the most.

Cozy Robe

My favourite cozy robe was a key product in the first couple weeks of postpartum recovery. I found it the easiest to be ready to feed at all times and still feel comfortable around the house. It also made night time wakings easier, having something to throw on to stay warm after jumping out of bed.

Avent double breast pump

I used this Avent breast pump from 2 weeks to almost 6 months. I took this pump across the country on our road trip. Its been used in hotels, tents, cars.. you name it. I never had an issue with it. Super easy to keep clean. Only a few parts to take apart. Suction was great and came with two different sizes of breast cups.

Avent Glass Bottles

We still use these 4oz glass bottles everyday. They are so durable. The amount of times I’ve dropped these suckers is incredible. They stay cold or warm much longer than the plastic and you can wash them easily in the dishwasher time and time again.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co Belly Butter

Two things I did not leave the house without during pregnancy and my 4th trimester. This belly butter sat on my night stand during pregnancy. I didnt get any stretch marks so i cant speak on if this product helps with them or not but my belly would get SO itchy. This product helped so much with the itch. Its deodorant type bar makes it so simple to moisturize that big beautiful belly!

Love to Dream Swaddle

I can not say enough good things about the Love to Dream baby swaddle. This was an absolute LIFESAVER. Our little guy hated every often swaddle we tried him in. If this swaddle was dirty, it was a RUSH to get it clean in time for nap time. We spent a night camping during our road trip taking turns holding it in front of a propane heater to dry it. The version i have linked below is the same swaddle we had. It has zip off arms so you can transition your baby from swaddle to sleep sack. It was a must and I recommend it to everyone.

Hatch Noise Machine

We still use this programmable white noise machine every nap and every night. This noise machine is not only aesthetically pleasing but it works really well. It works on Bluetooth, connected to your phone so you can control the amount of light and volume of noise from outside of the nursery. We loved the nightlight this noise machine put off during the newborn stage for night feedings. We bought the first version of the hatch that doe not need wifi connection.

Love Bird Sewing Co Travel Bed

These baby beds or “nests” are hand crafted by a woman in beautiful British Columbia. So much love is poured into making each and every one. We relied on this bed for Ez crossing the country. It didnt matter where we ended up staying, Ez always had the same bed. With so much uncertainty travelling with a baby it was so nice to know he’d be set up for bedtime. We have the toddler size which is good for up to 4 years old. They’re great travel beds and nap beds for older kiddos. Plus.. how cute?

Hello Bello Diaper Subscription Box

We have been subscribers to Hello Bello since Ez was a newborn and i can honestly say, diapers have never once been a worry. We’ve never had to run out in a pinch and grab more. The subscription comes with 5 packs of diapers and 5 packs of wipes. With a discount towards all of their products. Such as soap, diaper cream, shampoo and conditioner, baby powder etc. They have the option for night time diapers at size 3. We have had our odd wet wake up but very rarely. Not only will you save money with Hello Bello, the diapers are by far the cutest with over 28 different designs to choose from.

Snuggapuppy Bouncer Chair by FisherPrice

The only thing Ez would sit in for more than 0.2 seconds. The only break we got from birth to about 4 months old. This baby bouncer was used every day. We took this as a must have while camping. With a careful put down he would even nap in it. We would set him in it and wrap a bug net around it at campsites. It has 3 white noise options and vibration.

LoveEvery Developmental Toy Subscription

We were thankful that my parents bought Ez a subscription to LoveEvery. They offer products and information which help create developmental experiences in the lives of new babies and families. LoveEvery helps parents feel confident that they are giving their little ones just what they want and need every step of the way. Some of Ezzys favourite toys are toys that came in the first two boxes of LoveEvery. HIGHLY recommend.

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