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Pregnancy Fears (and why you shouldn’t worry)

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Pregnancy Fears (and why you shouldn’t worry)

I’ll have a miscarriage.

Most pregnancies result in healthy babies and less than 20 percent end in miscarriage. Also remember that most miscarriages happen within the first few weeks of pregnancy, when many women typically don’t realize they’re expecting and wouldn’t know if they did miscarry. They would just get a normal looking period.

My morning sickness is so bad I’m worried my baby is getting enough nutrients.

Unless you’re sick to the point that you become severely dehydrated, morning sickness isn’t going to cause any nutritional imbalance or affect the fetus. They will absorb all of the nutrition from the food you do give them. So even if you’re living on only crackers and juice... you don’t need to worry.

My stress is hurting the baby.

If you tend to get super stress try to take thinks down a notch and find a way to reclaim your calm at the end of the day. This might be writing or venting to a friend or going to bed an hour earlier. Most research shows that intermittent stress has minimal impact on an unborn baby.

I’m going into labour too early.

Pregnant women can do quite a few things to lower their risk of delivery early: Don't smoke or drink alcohol, have regular prenatal checkups, and take prenatal folic acid supplements every day. A recent study of nearly 40,000 women found that those who popped the vitamins for a year prior to conception and throughout their pregnancies were between 50 and 70 percent less likely to deliver early than those who didn't take them. The researchers believe that folic acid may prevent certain genes from malfunctioning and causing premature labor.

Sex will never be the same.

The human body is an amazing thing with an incredible ability to snap back and recover. In fact, nearly 70 percent of women report that things are back to business as usual by six months after delivery. once the initial ouch-ness passes and your muscles regain their strength, a lot of new moms actually find their sex lives improve post-baby. They crave it more often and find the intimacy more satisfying than before.

Labour will be too painful.

Realize that women have been doing this since the dawn of time – and these days, there's plenty you can do about pain. It is important to research and discuss birth plans. Even though most births do go exactly to the birthing persons plan, it is important to know your options and create a strong support plan.

I’ll need an emergency C section.

One-third of all babies are born via C section but many of these surgeries are scheduled in advance. In other words, they’re not the scary last-minute, rush-into-the-OR kind. It is important to do what is best for Mum and baby.

I am not going to be a good Mum.

If you're concerned about being a good's a positive sign. It means you really, deeply care. (And worry) And if you worry, you are already a good Mum. You will always know best for your baby. You were once one.

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